Managed Cybersecurity

Trusted by hundreds of organizations, Geospace maintains your hardware, software, network, cybersecurity, and backups 24/7.

Rest Easy. Gain Confidence In Your Cybersecurity.

You know the threats are real and the consequences are costly. You’re fighting an evolving battle with limited budgets. We help you understand what’s most important to protect and how to protect it.

The result is smarter, powerful cybersecurity that moves you from fear to confidence.

The Status Quo is Too Costly
9.6 Days
Average downtime from a Ransomware attack
Average cost of a Ransomware attack
$654 Billion

Cost of data breaches last year

Cyber attacks are increasingly more sophisticated, more costly, and more frequent. Can your organization afford the consequences of being unprepared?

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Powerful Cybersecurity. Simplified.

It can be overwhelming deciding where to start with cybersecurity. It’s time for a simpler approach to a complex problem.

The carefully created plans below make it easy to take the first step. We can also create custom plans depending on your needs.

Geospace Provides Managed IT Services for Your Hardware, Software, Network, Cybersecurity, and Data Backup Needs

Why You Need Geospace’s Private Cloud as a Service

Powerful Cybersecurity. Simplified.

VCISO Services
Protection for your hardware and system
Protection for your software

Advanced Cyber

Core Cyber plus:
VCISO Services
Detect and eliminate threats before they happen
Support and protect your employees

Premier Cyber

Advanced Cyber plus:
VCISO Services
Respond quickly to a cyber attack
Enhanced threat detection

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Why You Need Geospace’s Private Cloud as a Service

1 -
Assess Your Risks

By the time you realize you need to upgrade your cybersecurity, it’s probably too late.

2 -
Guard Your Network

The only thing keeping malicious traffic from your network is a firewall. It is your first line of defense against would-be hackers and cybercriminals.

3 -
Manage Your Devices

With the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, your biggest security risk may already be sitting on a desk in your office.

4 -
Keep Your Applications Safe

A 2017 PC Trends report found that 52% of all computer applications are out-of-date.

5 -
Stop Costly Attacks

It’s not enough to implement best-practices in prevention. Your organization needs to have a response and contingency plan for the worst case scenario.

6 -
Recover Your Data

When a single hour of downtime can cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars, it’s too expensive to not have a disaster recovery plan in place.

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